Blog carnival: Experiments in Digital Humanities #dhiha6

2679496291_9461f9c5e4_zCall for blog posts as part of the conference #dhiha6 – “Experiments in Digital Humanities”

On June 12th 2015 the 6th Digital Humanities conference will be held in Paris. The event is organized by the German Historical Institute, the Cléo, the Paris Institute for Advanced Studies and the European Science Foundation. The day will revolve around thethe theme of “experiments”. It will be an opportunity to test research practices and question the “scientific” approach of the Human and Social Sciences favored by the development of Digital Humanities.
In the course of this new edition the organizers call for blog posts on the topic of “Experiments in Digital Humanities.”

Thus, four research practices will be explored:

  1. The classical Call for Papers or Articles becomes a Call for Blog Posts.
  2. These posts will then be submitted to the Open Peer Review Process (OPR), an as of yet largely untested process which must be developed further.
  3. The “OPR-Sprint”, an Open Peer Review which is to take place over just a few hours over the course of the symposium and which aims to test the online publishing of blog posts and the integration of comments.
  4. The publication of notes and “conference proceedings” online, following the OPR and  the integration of comments by the authors.

A list of potential topics is proposed here, though it is not exhaustive:

  • Laboratories and experimentation in SSH
  • Developing intellectual issues through experiments
  • Interpretation as an experiment
  • The value of failure in Science
  • Collaborative experiments: Citizen Science, crowdsourcing
  • Data-Experiments and Visualization
  • Research infrastructure as a space for experiments
  • Interdisciplinary experiments
  • Protocoling experiments in SSH
  • Teaching experiments in SSH

Posts are expected between April 20th and May 31st June 10th 2015 and they can be written in French, German or English. Please, use the hashtag #dhiha6 and post your article in the comments sections of this post. Please send it also to the following address: sdumouchel [at]







image credits: Streichholz? by kari_bum, licece: CC BY-NC 2.0

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