Caroline Muller: Introducing Undergraduate Students to Research in the Digital Age #dhiha8

Lecture within the conferene Teaching History in the Digital Age – Internation Perspectives #dhiha8, June 17-18, 2019 at the German Historical Institute in Paris, co-organised with the C2DH.

Teaching digital history to undergraduate students is a big challenge: you have to both teach general digital literacy basics and be sensitive to the effects on the scientific environment. In my course of “digital cultures for historians”, the starting point is the status of scientific information. It helps to think about the construction of the web, the reading and the production of knowledge in a digital world. When students reach a more advanced level, the course transforms itself into an initiation to research: which forms of scientific information are available? Which political issues (open access) does it raise? How to differentiate primary and secondary source? What new materials are available for building History?

Caroline Muller is Maîtresse de conférences in contemporary history at Université Rennes 2. Since several years, she teaches a course on digital culture for historians. She has a scientific blog at Hypotheses, and is responsable together with Frédéric Clavert for the project “Le goût de l’archive à l’ère numérique”.

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